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We stand at the cutting-edge of digital innovation.



At Fireflow Accelerating Technology Ventures we want to share our entrepreneurial experience and expertise with dedicated founders and investors, offering scalable tech solutions and business growth support.
About us

We are an experienced team of digital experts and open thinkers with a hands-on approach. We cover a variety of disciplines, ranging from venture architecture, IT development, experience design, marketing and finance.

Our Vision

We love startups. It's in our blood. But even with a great idea and an amazing team, launching a startup is really hard.  We want to share our experience and expertise with dedicated entrepreneurs, offering scalable tech solutions and business support.

Our Technology

Within the last 10 years we developed an independent technology platform. We're not just building state of the art online and mobile solutions; underneath that, we leverage technological synergies across our network, making our companies even more competitive. 


Portfolio companies

Summfit App

Summfit is a functional training app that combines full-body routines and exercises for a complete health-conducive workout. All workouts are designed to last between 5 and 45 minutes.


Addcentive is a German mobile advertising network that integrates real-world rewards to native mobile apps on both iOS and Android; allowing brands and companies to reward app users at thousands of  "achievement moments” within in their favorite Apps.


Since 2018: 

A company of the Dimabay Network

MileBox App

MileBox is a mobile App that transfers the mechanics of a typical bonus program like “Miles&More” into the car.

Sold to Allianz X (2016)


Expertise & Skills

Ideation & Business Design

Every business idea has to start somewhere. In that early phase it's about generating, developing, and evaluating ideas for launching innovative and viable new ventures.


We help our start-ups visualize a business opportunity by creatively identifying market and customer demands and analyzing competitors.

IT Development

Fireflow is a competent and experienced partner for the implementation of ambitious IT projects.

Our focus lies on mobile applications, web applications, databases, workflow management and media-neutral CMS systems. We offer support in conception, planning, implementation and operation of web applications and portals.

Venture archicture

We work with entrepreneurs to set up companies, design game plans for raising capital and create investor documents that mean the difference.


Furthermore we share business planning know-how and marketing services required to attract customers and achieve growth.

Marketing & Growth

We don’t spend much time optimizing Facebook or Google campaigns. The opportunity cost is not worth it for start-ups at the early stage.


Instead we focus on trying new things that might make an even bigger difference. We dig deep creatively, and relentlessly test new ideas. 



Contact us

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If you would like to share your ideas, business, or feedback with us, please send us email at All business plan submissions must include a clear description of your operations and current progress.

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Tel: +49 (0)89 210 23 77 11

Hans-Sachs-Str. 5

80469 München

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